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Audrey Forson

Audrey Forson is the manager of Tekura, a family owned business and Décor Company.

Starting with only two artisans, Tekura was created in 2000 by Josephine Forson, Audrey’s mother, from her passion for things made by hand and with immeasurable support from her husband, Kweku. Thus, Audrey was exposed to art at a very young age. She went on to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Ghana and later returned to work at Tekura. The "art" environment has always been compelling to her. Audrey has worked with remarkable designers like Cheik Diallo from Mali and she plans to revolutionize design in Ghana.

Inspired by the culture and heritage of Africa, her goal is to transform the wood to the most beautiful and elegant furniture pieces. Each piece is made from reforested wood found lying on the ground in the woodlands of Ghana which are transported to their workshop with the help of the local women and men.


Today, Tekura, is the hub for accent furniture, decor and a host of unique,” artistique” accessories. Tekura has a workshop, a showroom and a retail outlet in Accra, including several distributors. With the complicity of 25 talented artisans, Tekura’s family make a range of accent tables, contemporary stools and complementary pieces like bowls, vases, candle and holders reflecting true craftsmanship and the spirit of local artisans. They draw their inspiration from the many beautiful stories from Africa including the continent's artistry and culture,


Tekura has been exhibited across the globe and supplies boutiques and galleries in several parts of Europe, USA and Africa.