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Cheick Diallo

Born in Bamako, Mali and trained as an architect and designer in Paris, Cheick Diallo’s studio in based in his hometown. Here Diallo produces design projects, which speak to a local making tradition of using discarded materials and working mostly by hand. 


Fishing wire, nylon and metal come together to form iconic armchair with a strong architectural aesthetic.


Located on the hills of Bamako, Mali – in the suburbs where a multitude of artisans manufacture domestic objects from salvaged materials such as old tyres, bottle tops, cans and computer batteries using make-do-methods – is Diallo Design Studio.


Trained as an architect and designer in Paris, Cheick Diallo returned to his hometown where he founded Diallo Design Studio, a place where he and his team of artisans manufacture finely crafted furniture and objects from discarded objects or waste.

The traditional traps used by Malian fishermen inspired the design of his chairs, made using a combination of fishing wire and nylon, which is stretched over a metal armature. The chair has been highly regarded as a perfect mixture of material, ergonomics and local aesthetic in an elegant, somewhat sculptural furniture piece.