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Installation 28
Installation 28b
installation 28a
Expo Hicham Lahlou 16_edited
Dakka Dakka_edited
Pink One_edited
Pink One detail_edited

Hicham Lahlou

HichamLahlou is an artist of the World, with Casablanca as his point of gravitation. Wherever he is, he practises his tradeof creation and seizes inspiration before it flees…

Racking the brains, imagining, writing down, thinking over, scribbling, sketching, designing, challenging oneself, crossing out,correcting…

It is with pencil strokes that everything starts to take shape with Hicham Lahlou. Before succeeding in producing an image in 3 dimensions, that can be exported and in high resolution, now the general rule in the profession where the processes of industrialization require the greatest precision, it is through a drawing, after all a some what artisanal method, that he expresses his talent and his ideas.

Hicham Lahlou, a new figure of the new generation of Design, he is a part since two decades of the worldwide Design & creation sphere. His refined creations are always impregnated with cultural & identity references, subtly integrated in some modern lines through his very personnal pencil touch that allowed him to be noticed in this codified and elitist field.

Hicham Lahlou celebrates in 2015 his 20 years in the sphere of Design. Gravitating in the world from Morocco, he is a hyperactive of Design, cumulating projects, creations, initiatives & developping seductive idea beyond the borders.

He developped lines of urban furnitures, signed concepts for hotels well acclaimed, illustrated his artist talent, interior architect, product Designer & Graphic Designer in Branding & Packaging and also in commercial architecture including strategic design. He made himself a name and a signature in furniture design, table & objects art by signing collections for world class brands such as Ecart International, Daum, Lip, Aquamass, Airdiem, Nodus Rugs… through a creative process that combines his sensitivity for history & civilizations, to modernism and universality of creation in general.

The Africa Design Award & Days projects (ADA & ADD) he founded in 2014 which he masterfully headed, made positioned him a leader of African Design. In 2014, he launched Africa Design Award during The New York Forum Africa where a design panel was dedicated to him. He organized the Africa Design Days as a real conductor, among the most noticed events of the year, in Morocco then at Paris. An international platform of African Design, ADA & ADD represents now a new hub of design in the continent.

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